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I am a London based photographer who enjoys working with light, vibrant colour and layers to create my images. It is through these layered works that I communicate about my surroundings and the city that I live in. Most of my work is shot around Central London.

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I've loved photography since I was a little kid - I remember finding a book on photography around the house and although I was too young to read, I was fascinated with the beautiful images. I've always loved the idea of being able to stop a moment in time and keep it forever.

My passion for photography was re-ignited when I took my first camera to New York in 2011 and I walked around capturing hundreds of images every day. Although I did not really have a specific focus of what to capture, I knew I loved the process.

Nowadays you'll find me in search of layers, reflections and vibrant colours to create my next images.

Interviews / features

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Art Full Frame Winner - Colours 2022

Street Photography Awards Paris 2023 Finalist

The Independent Photographer - Colour Photography Award 2022 - Editors Picks

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